Is Facebook or Instagram better for marketing?

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Ten years ago, the best marketing agencies were raving about the benefits of content marketing on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg exposed himself as a clear leader in the social media realm. In fact, Facebook was the key platform kick starting social media altogether. It managed to ignite an entire industry and breathe life into stale marketing strategies.

However, technology is constantly evolving and, as a result, marketing trends can change. Facebook has recently celebrated its fifteenth birthday and, in the technological world, that is pretty darn old. According to the opinion of some, Facebook should be starting to write its wills and book itself into a nursing home.

In 2019, the most popular marketing service providers are seen to be encouraging clients to turn to Instagram for advertising purposes, instead than Facebook.

Though, cluey clients of marketing agencies in Australia have questions and concerns about rapidly re-allocating their marketing efforts. Is Instagram really a better marketing tool and Is Instagram really more popular than Facebook?

The argument against Facebook.

According to recent statistics and reports, worldwide usage of Facebook is on the downhill. Supposedly, the platform has lost 15 million active users since 2017 in the United States. Yikes!

It is commonly believed that the decline in numbers may be a result of Facebook’s updates that place an unwanted emphasis on groups, or recent data breaches made by the company.

Whilst recent months have shown Facebook either plateau or sink, Instagram is on a steady rise. Currently, there are more than one billion people using Instagram worldwide. Majority of those users are outside of the United States, which indicates the success of the platform in locations such as Australia.

Instagram became live in 2010, making it a younger and fresher app compared to our elderly companion, Facebook.

The popularity of Instagram is impressive. Although we would be silly to ignore the potential that the application presents from a marketing perspective, we would be even more silly to permanently burn our Facebook tactics.


Our advice is not to ditch your Facebook budget.

So, where should you really be directing your marketing expenditure?

Despite the obvious attraction that the globe is taking toward Instagram, it is vital that businesses do not make a hasty decision to ditch Facebook.

As an experienced Australian social media marketing company, we can easily comprehend why Facebook is still a valuable tool.

  • There are still more than 1.5 billion people logging into Facebook daily, compared to 1 billion Instagram users.
  • The demographic of Facebook users is varied, so it is likely that at least a portion of your target audience are utilising the platform.
  • Facebook allows for great diversity in posts, compared to Instagram where marketers must upload either an image or video.
  • Facebook has proven to be an effective tool time and time again for selling services/ products, and achieving search engine optimisation.

Instead of hurriedly turning to Instagram as a solution for attracting more business, you should consider splitting or portioning your budget to include some strategic Instagram use.


Consider what type of business and customers you have.

When contemplating the most effective methods of marketing, it is crucial that you consider what platforms your target audience will actually be using.

You would not advertise bikinis in a nursing home or burgers in a gym, so why advertise your business on a platform where your clients do not exist?

Regardless of whether you are attempting B2B marketing or B2C marketing, you will gain more traction if your social media marketing strategy is being implemented on platforms where your target demographic choose to spend their time.

Generally, Instagram is being more predominantly used by a younger demographic, whereas Facebook is reaching a slightly older crowd. Particular industries, such as photography, design or ecommerce discover that Instagram’s heavy focus on imagery suits their advertising ideals better, however service-based businesses prefer Facebook’s ability to easily link to their website or blog.

There is no harm in establishing your business on both Instagram and Facebook to obtain optimal reach. After all, both applications can achieve an organic reach, as well as a more extensive paid reach.


Seeking tailored advice.

To profitably spread your marketing budget, you should get in touch with a digital marketing specialist. Getting results from social media can be a challenging minefield, so working with a professional in digital marketing services will ensure that your work is not going to waste.

Aside from Instagram marketing and Facebook marketing, there are likely to be other platforms that may be beneficial for your business.

As an example, many professional brands choose to engage with LinkedIn marketing in order to target their similarly corporate target audience. Other brands targeting a very youthful audience may find that marketing on Snapchat is the most successful.

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