6 Instagram Growth Hacks That Everyone Needs To Know

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According to Hootsuite, at least one billion people across the globe are logging into Instagram each month in 2019. As the popularity of this photo-centric (or as some may argue, ego-centric) platform continues to blossom, so do the tricks that will allow your profile to gain popularity.

With more people searching and posting on Instagram than ever before, it is crucial that we source new and inventive ways to race ahead of competitors and make noise in a very busy channel.

Generate Your Audience (or GYA, our more slick name) have been providing tailored Instagram marketing advice to hundreds of Australian business, so our knowledge in the digital space is second to none. As social media marketing services providers, we are constantly up-to-date with the latest trends and technological news.

Regardless of whether you want to know how to get more followers on Instagram for a personal or business profile, there are certain tricks which may benefit you.

Below, our team have conglomerated six helpful tactics to assist with the development of your Instagram profile. If you have ever wondered how to be Instagram famous or how to get more likes on your Instagram posts, these are the answers.

1. Engage, engage, engage.
Okay – we admit, this has been the golden rule ever since the Instagram app was first downloaded. The importance of genuine and continual engagement with other profiles on Instagram cannot be denied.

Following or liking the profiles and content from other users will encourage them to pay attention to your own profile. A friendly follow will often result in a friendly follow-back. If they do not follow back, no worries, give them some time and then unfollow. Many call this the effective Instagram follow-unfollow method.

2. Get risky.
The latest Instagram update that has shaken the Australian Instagram community is the removal of like numbers on posts. It is unknown whether this update will be permanent, but while it exists, you should take advantage of the ability to post out-of-the-ordinary, whacky shots without the fear of low like numbers.

All content marketing specialists and social media marketing Australia teams know that drawing attention is a priority on IG.

3. Learn from your analytics.
If you are yet to turn your Instagram profile into a business profile, then you have some catching up to do. Never fear, the switch only takes around two minutes to complete.

With Instagram analytics engaged, you can assess which types of posts are performing better than others. You can also compare best times of the day to post on Instagram in Australia, how many people are direct messaging your photos, and the total overall reach of your content.

4. Consider joining an engagement pod.
What are Instagram pods, you may ask? Social media engagement pods are highly taboo. To explain them simply: pods are groups of people who commit to following, liking and engaging with the profiles and content of the other people in their pod.

In many cases, you may have a not-openly-acknowledged pod where you regularly engage with someone’s content and they do the same back. However, you do not have a solid agreement with that person to continually support one another.

More established pods are present too, and they usually take place within direct messaging systems (such as that on Instagram itself) or forums. The rules for each pod will vary, but generally a user will post a link to their freshly published post in the group forum, and then each member will be expected to engage or share that post. Each member will have the opportunity to ask for engagement on their content, but there may be restrictions on how often you can ask.

5. Focus wholeheartedly on a theme.
All hail the square profile grid! It is never too late to learn how to make your Instagram grid look good.

By ensuring all of your uploaded images are of the same palette or tone, your profile grid will be cohesively dynamic. In order to uphold a theme, you should only upload images that suit the already established colours and styles of your grid. There are a variety of Instagram grid planning applications that can assist with pre-organising an appealing grid.

Sometimes, it is necessary to sacrifice or edit images to match your theme. Your grid is the defining factor that will make a first impression and encourage someone to follow you, so the grid must be prioritised over individual shots.

6. Keep adjusting and learning. In most cases, seek help to do so.
If you want to learn how to grow your Instagram quickly, but you struggle to find the time or resources, chat to our knowledgeable team at GYA.

As Instagram develops, our Sydney digital marketing business continues to evolve with it. We are proudly one of the best marketing companies in Parramatta and we persistently drive sales for every client we work with.

Browse our client testimonials to discover more about our effective marketing services in Australia.

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