SNAPCHAT: Free marketing advice for 2020 Part two

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Let’s talk tactics.

We’ve identified two tactics to trial for your business that is a guaranteed way to grow your following and sales conversion.

The challenge; The challenge that you first must understand is that in the app, no one can actually find you unless they search your exact username with zero spelling errors.

Here’s tip one:
Share your Snapchat QR code or handle outside the main network and on other social channels and webpages. You can use your Snapchat code as your profile photo, too, to draw more attention to the fact you have a Snap account. Be cautious not to go too hard with the Snapchat promotion on other networks though in case you annoy the portion of your audience who doesn’t have a Snapchat account. (Remember Snapchat has incredible depth in ages 34 and below.)

Tip two:
Whenever a customer receives a confirmation of purchase email, try adding your Snapchat Code or handle to the body copy. Receipt emails have a huge 71% open-rate compared to regular emails (seen as spam) which only get around a 22% open-rate. It’s an effective way to increase your following. Another idea is to incentivise it for the consumer, by simply stating that they will receive an exclusive promotional code if they choose to follow your Snapchat account. (Promotional offers, exclusive to your Snapchat users, is a fantastic way to measure your return more purposefully.)

Snapchat Tactical advice for 2020 – Build your social media platform around this marketing strategy.

Download and share your snaps on other channels.
This can also be very powerful and is a way to keep your content circulating for life, because as mentioned in part one, Snaps disappear within 24hrs of going public.

Try compiling a video compilation of your Snaps and segment them into categories, then publish on other channels like YouTube. This allows followers who don’t have Snapchat,theopportunity to see what you’re doing.And, it’s a permanent place to hold your content that can embody your SEO and VEO tactics in the description areas provided.

Be content cautious and don’t overdue the self-promo. 45% of users will unfollow you if the self righteousness becomes too much to handle. Keep it raw and honest, nonchalantly adding your product and services into the mix.

Using links from bitly is the more favoured way to add text links to your Snap Stories. Bitly demonstrates its measuring services by tracking the clicks, so, this will add depth to your key metrics to look out for.

Here are some Snapchat tips to grow your brand and business by 2020.

Tip one:
Post ‘’a day in the life content’’as often as possible. This should be the majority of your content, and, a great explanation of what this looks like, is to observe the examples of DJ Khaled, previously mentioned in part one.

Khaled would Snapchat running on the treadmill, talking to his chef or colleagues in music, jet-skiing across Miami, and even showering. We’re not suggesting you take these extremes, but one commonality each of these wacky posts shared, were his catchphrases and in some form his product placement, or information to an upcoming release.

Product teases. Teases a new release via Snapchat builds hype and allows organic marketing to enter the realm with word of mouth. Again, Snapchat is supposed to be exclusively personal content that your followers will want to be excited about.

Tip three:
Product placement. For example, if you’re coming out with new season shoes at your clothing label, ensure that these are present in all videos leading up to the release. You won’t even have to mention anything about them if they are well-placed.

Tip four:
Product codes.Create product codes exclusive to your Snapchatfamily. This is a sure fire way to expand your reach.

Tip five:
Reach out to influencers. Find and network with relevant social media influencers withinyour niche market, and allow them the opportunity to promote an exclusive discount code to share with their audience. This is a simple tactic to benefit both parties.

Tip six:
Invite an influencer to takeover your account for the day.

The cross pollination of accounts is extremely worth your while. Be sure to cross promote across all your channels in the lead up to the big day so that you will maximise the engagement.

Speaking of engagement.

Snapchat only has 3 metrics that can identify where your missing impressions are. They are; views, screenshots, and replays. This is a really straight forward way to see if your content is resonating with your audience.

Another metric to remember is that bitly link you may or may not post in the copy from time to time. These links are measured accurately and can be a great addition to those promo codes mentioned when compiling a thorough analysis of your campaigns.

Snapchat has certainly come a long way, and with the loyal following is still boasts, it’s no wonder why global companies are investing heavily into it. Don’t forget, the most you’re spending on Snapchat is time, after all, it’s free!

If you’d like a Snapchat strategy package, tailored to meet your needs, reach out to the team at GYA for a complimentary Snapchat guideline for 2020 to maximise your reach. We can also price your content production as a quarterly, half-yearly or annual package, as well as plan timeline campaigns that meet your goals and coincide with our content partnership program.

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