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New apps are continually being developed across the globe. These days, it is fair to say that any random Joe (with a little bit of software knowledge) can develop and publish an app. As your digital marketing gurus, it’s our job to stay atop the technological world. With the sheer amount of apps being produced daily for a variety of different purposes, most of them are not particularly newsworthy.

However, one recently developed application has certainly caught our eye and generated a bit of buzz around the GYA office. It’s not every day that we see a new platform with enormous potential value to businesses. Therefore, we’re going to take the time to thoroughly analyse the app and its worth to you.

Say hello to Mutual Events.

What the heck is Mutual Events?

Mutual Events has described itself as a “social, events app”. The purpose of the application is connect people by means of events.

If you really think about it, events do form the basis of our lives – whether it’s a wedding, a festival, a birthday or a sporting match, these moments often give us something to look forward to and they influence our future. Some of the most prominent functions and tools within the app are:

  • Ability to search through thousands of real events, local and global
  • Create your own events and invite networks or showcase them publicly
  • Event feeds to watch the action and see how other people are experiencing the event
  • Live chat and messaging tools
  • Posting/sharing multimedia from the events
  • Personal and business account profiles

We would describe Mutual Events as incorporating the major aspects of a social media platform, but centring all the digital activity around real-world events. It’s unlike anything we’ve seen before in the app world.

Is Mutual Events going to succeed?

Arguably, Mutual Events already is succeeding. It’s spreading around the globe like a viral plague.

Every entrepreneur knows that products and services will only thrive in their intended marketplace if they are filling a gap. There is no point trying to sell something that already exists. If you are merely copying another business model, you will always be trailing behind their lead. If you break-free with your own innovation, you can become the trailblazer yourself.

Mutual Events has bowed down to this business prophecy.

Existing social media apps are undeniably lacking when it comes to event management and advertisement. Most of the prominently used social platforms do have the ability to search or create events, but the actual functionality of the event tools aren’t being paid enough attention. Given the importance and significance of events on a personal, professional and community level, it is quite evident that an app like Mutual Events is needed.

As a one-stop solution for event organisation and event promotion, we are confident that Mutual Events is going to get reallllly big, reallllly quick.

Why should you care about Mutual Events?

As a business owner, you should be jumping aboard the Mutual Events train now as it is rapidly departing from the station. Wherever your clients and customers are spending time in the digital world is exactly where you should be spending time promoting your company. With Mutual Events dramatically increasing user numbers, you need to tune into the app now and start strategising how it could be beneficial to your business marketing plan.

Notably, Mutual Events has ensured to separate business and personal profiles, so you can truly establish a solid brand presence on the app if you desire. Some ways you might want to consider using Mutual Events for business include:

  • Browse for industry-specific networking or workshop events that you or your staff can attend on behalf of the business.
  • Seek appropriate events where you could advertise your brand (and get in touch with the event organisers to do so)
  • Create your own business events for product launches or functions (and have access to easy ticket sales while you’re at it)
  • Respond to any potential discussions relating to your brand
  • Chat and communicate with potential clients or customers
  • Stay atop the event world and be notified when competitors are engaging with or establishing their own events

We all know that events are a major factor influencing and accelerating business growth. Regardless of your particular industry, events can be vital opportunities for networking, analysing competitors, advertising and generally creating hype.

Some may argue that professional events are a more traditional form of marketing (compared to modern/ online forms), however the Mutual Events app is blurring the lines between real-world and digital world.

This is a trend you don’t want to miss out on.

If you would like to discuss how Mutual Events can supplement your digital marketing strategy, contact one of the team at Generate Your Audience. Alternatively, you can download the Mutual Events app on Android or iPhone today.

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