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Our search engine marketing (SEM) services, specifically utilizing Google Ads, can bring a powerful and immediate impact to your business by allowing you to reach targeted audiences with targeted messages, at the right time and place. By creating and running targeted advertising campaigns through Google Ads, we can help drive targeted traffic to your website and increase conversions. Our team of experts will work with you to develop a customized strategy, identify your target audience, and create compelling ad copy to drive results. With our help, you can reach new customers, increase brand awareness, and achieve a higher return on investment compared to other forms of advertising. By using our SEM services, you can stay ahead of your competition and quickly reach your business goals.
Click-Through Rate (CTR)
CTR measures the number of clicks your ads receive divided by the number of times your ad was shown. This is an important metric as it indicates the engagement level of your target audience with your ads and helps to measure the effectiveness of your ad copy and targeting strategies.
Cost-Per-Click (CPC)
CPC measures the cost of each click on your ad and helps to determine the cost-effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. By monitoring and optimizing your CPC, you can ensure that you are getting the most value for your advertising spend.
Conversion Rate
The conversion rate measures the percentage of visitors who take a desired action on your website, such as making a purchase or filling out a form. By monitoring your conversion rate, you can determine the success of your SEM campaigns in driving conversions and achieving your business goals. This metric helps to determine the return on investment for your advertising spend and provides valuable insights for future optimization and strategy planning.
Set Up For Success
A successful pay per click campaign requires research and analysis in order to add value. Our team uses the best tools and programs in the world to conduct a SEM audit & competitor analysis. Success is knowing what the consumer is searching for and how they are searching for it. Having the right key words, targeting the correct demographic may be the difference in generating the correct audience. Our team understands what your customer is searching for, when they are searching for it, what device they use to search your product or service and where they are in the world when searching for it! This allows us to target every single metric to better convert your customers.
Return On Investment
We grow when our clients grow! Everything and every dollar invested is tracked. Results to GYA means actual customer growth. We provide weekly updates on all your campaigns the detail required to measure your return. Your company is assigned a dedicated marketing manager that will handle all your campaigns to make your experience with us as easy and efficient as possible for you. Having a dedicated manager means your campaigns are looked at from a holistic point of view. Our team Is an extension of your business!
Don’t Launch And Leave

Companies with limited resources make the mistake of setting up a campaign and waiting for the results to come in. Setting your campaign up for success is key, however constant monitoring will assist in delivering the very best performance.

Our team monitor your sponsored ads daily, looking for ways to improve. We block out negative key words that can drive traffic to your website but has no relevance to your product or services. We check to see what locations are performing at a peak against the under performing areas so that your money can be funnelled accordingly. We schedule times so that your money isn’t being spent outside of business hours and increase or decrease bid performance to accommodate the devices that are searching for your business.

The pay per click landscape is competitive. This means that  your competitors are bidding for the same key words to out rank your business. Our team will monitor your bidding strategy so that no opportunity is being missed.

Google Shopping

  • Pictures are better than words

YouTube Ads

  • Increase subscribers
  • Target based on behaviours and interest

Re-Marketing & Audience Network

  • Re engaging with your audience
What To Expect With GYA SEM Campaigns
  • Tailored ads to suit your business
  • Targeted to maximise conversion
  •  Top of page rankings above the competition
  •  Daily monitoring of your ads
  •  Weekly updates on progress
  •  Budget that’s suited to your business
  •  Dedicated google account manager
  •  Google Accredited Partner

Have Questions?

What digital marketing services do you offer?
Generate Your Audience offers a range of digital marketing services, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media management, content marketing, email marketing, and more. We work closely with clients to understand their needs and goals, and develop custom digital marketing strategies that align with their business objectives.
How can digital marketing help my business?
Digital marketing can help your business in many ways, including increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, generating leads, and increasing sales. With the right digital marketing strategy, you can reach your target audience where they are spending most of their time - online. At Generate Your Audience, we focus on developing digital marketing campaigns that deliver measurable results for our clients.
What is your approach to digital marketing?
At Generate Your Audience, we follow a four-step process for delivering effective digital marketing campaigns: research, strategy development, implementation, and reporting. This process allows us to gather insights and data about your target audience, develop a customized digital marketing strategy, execute the plan, and measure the results to ensure success.
How do you measure success?
We measure the success of our digital marketing campaigns using a range of metrics, depending on the goals of the campaign. These metrics may include website traffic, conversion rates, leads generated, sales revenue, and return on investment (ROI). We provide regular reporting to our clients to keep them informed about the progress and effectiveness of their digital marketing campaigns.
What is the expected timeline for results?
The timeline for seeing results from a digital marketing campaign can vary depending on several factors, including the goals of the campaign, the industry, the competition, and the budget. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to see significant results. We work closely with our clients to set realistic expectations and timelines, and provide regular updates on progress.
How much does digital marketing cost?
The cost of digital marketing services can vary depending on the specific services required, the scope of the project, and the budget allocated. At Generate Your Audience, we work with clients to develop customized digital marketing plans that fit their budget and goals.
How do you stay up-to-date with industry trends and changes?
We stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and changes by investing in ongoing training and development for our team members, attending industry conferences and events, and following industry publications and thought leaders. We apply these insights and best practices to our clients' digital marketing campaigns to ensure they are always ahead of the curve.

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