9 Creative Ideas to Boost Your Digital Marketing

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  1. Re-jig your website.

While it is important to stick with your current website design/layout for consistency (so your audience can recognise your website and not have to continually re-learn how to navigate it), a semi-regular switch-up will help breathe life into a stale online presence.

At Generate Your Audience, our website development and website design team recommend regularly examining your website to see where improvements can be made. Realistically, your website needs to be reviewed every six months to ensure that the content is still accurate and relevant to your audience. A complete revamp/redesign of your site should be considered every 4-5 years.

Some of the key questions to ask when reviewing your website include:

  • Is there a fair balance of media types, including images, videos and text?
  • What is the page loading speed, and can this be reduced?
  • Does every page contain contact details and key ‘Call To Action’ buttons?
  • Can a new visitor easily navigate the pages of this site?
  • Is the content, particularly on the home page, visually engaging?
  • Is all the text factual and correct?
  • Have you had a third party view the website and provide feedback on functionality, ease of use, and general enjoyment?

Here’s one more piece of advice from our website development team… creating and publishing a new website is a big deal, so you should definitely consider it an excuse for celebration. Website launch parties are a great way to excite and interest your audience, all while drawing them to your business and online content. You might like to announce the new website on social media, or tell customers about the new site when they visit your clinic/office/shop in person. We suggest advertising a special deal or sale when you have your launch party so customers and clients are more likely to engage with your products and services while on the new site.

When working with a Sydney digital marketing company, like Generate Your Audience, on an ongoing basis, they will provide regular reports on your website to help you understand the behaviours/actions of your audience. If there is room for improvement based on what your audience are and are not clicking, they will be sure to let you know.

  1. Invest in social media advertising.

If you haven’t tried social media advertising before, now is the time. If you have tried it before, now is the time to try again!

Facebook advertising Sydney, Instagram advertising Sydney, Twitter advertising, and LinkedIn advertising aren’t just restricted to e-commerce stores. Whether your business operates online or in-person, you should be trying to reach your audience through digital platforms. In the current day, everyone is using social media, so getting their attention on these platforms is an obvious and effective marketing technique.

Businesses who are successful on social media often have a strong advertising plan that includes different phases of content publishing. This could include a brand awareness phase, interest phase, and then sell phase. All social media ads should be sent to a specific target audience that has been crafted based on the types of products/services you are trying to sell. If you haven’t spent adequate time narrowing and fine-tuning your audience, then you are probably wasting your budget.

Here’s a top piece of advice from our Sydney social media team: when looking for ad inspiration, look at the ads your competitors are posting. If on Facebook, you can view your competitors’ ads by clicking on their business profile page and then clicking ‘Page Transparency’.

  1. Develop and launch an app.

Apps are undeniably popular. As we have mentioned previously, thousands of apps are being published every single day. Businesses are turning to apps as a value-add for clients and customers, and to show that their company is keeping up to date with the rapid digital world. As a digital marketing company Sydney, we can confirm that our app development Sydney services are more popular now than ever before.

Here are some unique app ideas to help inspire a great app for your business:

  • An informative app. If you find that your customers have many questions about your business, an information app might help them to understand the nature and purpose of your brand.
  • A booking app. If you offer appointments to clients, a booking system app might help them to schedule appointments quicker and easier. It might even relieve your receptionists from some work!
  • An e-commerce app. Many people prefer to shop through apps because they believe it is simpler, faster and more secure than shopping through websites. To attain this app-favouring audience, you can convert your e-commerce store into a mobile app. It can also be a back-up to ensure your business keeps running if your website malfunctions or needs maintenance.

Our team is proud to offer some of the best app developers Sydney, with a specialist iOS app developer and Android app developer. If you want a high-quality, high-performing, and extremely engaging app, you should contact our expert app development company. Read one of our recent blogs to see our top 11 tips for creating an app Sydney.

  1. Turn on the video camera and start filming.

Video is a very powerful tool in the digital world. Statistics are showing that video is the most engaging form of media on both mobile and desktop. It’s no wonder why – a fast-paced, informative video can transport your audience into a different place and truly immerse them in the content that you are trying to show.

In our rapidly changing and bustling world, people don’t always have time to read long statuses and posts on social media. They want easy-to-interpret content that has strong visual dynamics.

One of our hottest tips for video content creation for digital channels is to upload captions/subtitles for your videos. When you are posting videos to social media on behalf of your business, not every viewer will be able to listen to your video. For example, if they are scrolling through social media while on public transport, and they don’t have headphones handy, they won’t be comfortable playing your video out loud. They are likely to just keep scrolling and dismiss your post or ad. Alternatively, if you have captions/subtitles uploaded to your post, they will be able to read the subtitles and still follow the video.

At Generate Your Audience, we have our very own videographer in-house who specialises in professional film for small businesses. If you’re interested in producing effective video content, we can get our videography team on-site at your company, shooting real footage that will give your audience a proper and genuine insight into your business operations.

  1. Have a brainstorming session with an external party.

Sometimes, when you are deeply immersed in your work, it can be hard to step back and see the bigger picture. Over time, you will also find that your brainstorming and creative capacities decrease as you run out of new and fresh ideas. Working with an external party, such as a digital marketing company Sydney, will allow you to have a set of fresh eyes on your business. Most of the best digital marketing companies will be happy to spend some time with you, one-on-one, understanding the workings of your brand and brainstorming some ideas about how to boost your marketing moving forward.

Additionally, digital marketing is a continually evolving field. While you are busy running the operations of your small business and getting the day-to-day tasks complete, you might be missing all the important updates and information taking place in the online world. By obtaining the expertise of a digital marketing company who are working with online platforms full-time, you might gain some outstanding knowledge that you might not have known otherwise.

  1. Face your binoculars in the direction of your competitors.

Analysing and reviewing the work of your competitors is an essential task. Although you won’t be able to steal their ideas, (it will be obvious that you’re copying, and this can reflect poorly on your business) you may be able to incorporate some of their successful behaviours into your own marketing plan.

We recommend developing a list/spreadsheet of all your nearest competitors. If you own a physical store or business, this should include all the nearest physical stores within the same industry (perhaps within a 15-20km proximity). If you own a digital store or business, this should include all the online businesses that are targeted the same audience as your own. Your complete list can then be referred to every now and then (perhaps every quarter) to see what your fellow competitors have been up to. You should check their website, social media channels, and search engine listings.

  1. Host an online event.

Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted Australia and the rest of the world, the benefits and usefulness of online events has really been demonstrated. More and more businesses are hosting webinars and live videos instead of real-world events and functions. Not only is an online event safer in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, but it is often a cheaper and easier option.

Some ideas for an online event may include: an informative webinar, a live Q&A with a panel of senior staff members, an online product giveaway, a live video office walk-through, a limited time sale or special offer, or a launch party for a new website.

Our team has recently seen a range of interesting and innovative events taking place online, including a brewery hosting a beer tasting live stream and an awards ceremony being broadcasted through social media.

  1. Go hard with search engine optimisation.

Many businesses are quick to give up or forget about SEO (search engine optimisation). In a recent blog article, we discussed some of our best tips for increasing your ranking on Google. If you want to get real results, we recommend reading this list.

There are plenty of actions you can take to organically increase your Google ranking, however Google advertising is the most effective and quickest way to achieve strong search engine ranking. Unless you have working with Google ads before, it is best to work with an SEO company Sydney who can setup and run the ads for you.

SEO and Google advertising are two of our specialities at Generate Your Audience. All our current clients are engaging with our SEO services, and we proud to say that we have achieved excellent results for each individual client. As we are currently open to expanding our client portfolio, please feel free to get in touch with our team on 1300 889 840 and see how we can help you to improve your Google ranking.

If you plan to attempt SEO success on your own accord, some of our best tips include: thoroughly researching and determining what your keywords are, using content marketing to increase page visits and keyword use, tweaking and crafting your website until it has a super speedy load speed, and striving for more backlinks wherever possible.

  1. Get blogging.

Online blogging is a great way to attract an audience and demonstrate the knowledge you have in your industry. Publishing blogs to your website can also help with search engine optimisation. It can be difficult to get started, but once you do put pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard), you will get into a rhythm. If you are struggling for topic ideas, think about the frequently asked questions of your customers and clients. These often make great titles/concepts for blog articles.

For those who simply hate the idea of writing, you can contract the content marketing services of a digital marketing company.

Digital marketing Sydney is multi-faceted and continually evolving, with some of the most popular forms of marketing being app development, content marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, web design and development. For more information about any of the above points, feel free to contact the Generate Your Audience team at hello@generateyouraudience.com.


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