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Generate Your Audience is a full-service digital marketing agency delivering modern and effective solutions for Australian businesses trying to make their mark on the online world.

In addition to our popular social media marketing services, content marketing, social media advertising, website development, email marketing, searching engine marketing services, SEO, and web design offerings, we also provide applauded app development services.

Having supported many companies and businesses around the country to develop, publish and maintain high-performing, successful mobile applications, we think we know a thing or two about creating the best apps ever! As experts in the field, we are eager to share our knowledge and ensure that you are maximising your digital potential by creating a mobile or desktop app that is effective and fruitful.

Below are some key tips, as noted by our trusted Sydney app development team, that will help you in all phases of developing an app. Our app gurus have been sure to include everything you need to know in the design, development, testing, and publishing phases. If you need any more information about app development in Sydney, or you want to get in touch with our popular app development company, contact Generate Your Audience via our website.

  1. Think outside of the box.

The first piece of advice from our Sydney app development company is to be creative and think outside of the box. From the get-go, you should be trying to use innovative and progressive ideas, rather than anything traditional or boring.

There is no value in copying the ideas and concepts of another business or app – you will never succeed by simply stealing someone else’s idea. Consumers will have no reason to download your app if another perfectly fine equivalent already exists. Plus, nobody likes a copycat!

You need to forge your own path in the app production world and produce something that people have never seen before. It should be bold, brave, and attention-grabbing. New ideas keep consumers interested and will encourage them to make a download.

If you don’t think you have the creative aptitudes necessary to design a world-class app, (don’t worry – we believe that everyone has a creative spirit within them!) you might want to acquire the assistance of a digital marketing agency in Sydney. Professional marketers have to be creative on a daily basis, so they are great people to have a brainstorming session with. Because they are external to your business, they can also enter the brainstorming game with a completely fresh perspective. As a business owner, you probably already understand and appreciate the need for a pair of fresh eyes on your operations.

  1. Are you sure your app has a purpose in society?

An app will never succeed if people don’t need it. Your mobile app needs to deliver practical benefits to the consumer – whether that be in the form of entertainment value, information, or support in day-to-day life activities.

In a recent blog article, we mentioned some of the most successful and most downloaded apps in Australia. When you look through the list, you will realise that every one of them meets a demand in society.

Once you have come up with some ideas for a mobile application, study each individual one and ask yourself: do people really need this? If you don’t think there is a target market audience for your idea, then you may need to throw the app concept into the bin.

  1. Simplicity is your best friend.

An app should never be too complex. The best apps only do one thing, and they do it very, very well. ‘Nuff said!

  1. Save some of your budget for marketing the published app.

When many people start developing an app from scratch, they pour all of their budget into the design and development phases. While it is critical that you put a fair amount of resources into these areas, it is equally important that you leave a decent chunk of the budget towards marketing your app.

Without wanting to put a dampener on your spirits, there are already thousands of excellent and well-known applications on the Apple App Store and Google App Store. Realistically, nobody is ever going to find your app if you don’t advertise it to them. You need to make it easy for your audience to find your app – this is done with brand awareness and strategic advertising.

We recommend working with a Sydney digital marketing agency, such as Generate Your Audience, who can help you understand the best methods and tools for advertising your new application. Because your app is a digital tool, it makes sense that the bulk of your advertising and marketing would take place online (where it can be downloaded directly). Some of the popular ways to advertise an app include: social media advertising, strategic content marketing,email marketing, search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, and purpose-built web development.

  1. The name really does matter.

Although some people may believe the contrary, our app development company certainly believes that the name of your app matters. In our modern-day, fast-paced world, consumers are quick to make judgements on brands and tools. If you have a confusing, lengthy, or boring name for your app, they might dismiss it without a second thought.

Try choosing a name that is catchy, short, simple and rememberable. You might like to brainstorm a large list of names and then have discussions with your family, friends, and colleagues to see which they like best. Your preference may not be the preference of the greater society, after all.

Most importantly, when you have officially chosen a name, make sure you stick to it. Some businesses decide after a few months of publishing their mobile app that they don’t like their brand name anymore. If they do ultimately change the name, this destroys all the hard work they have already done to gain exposure and generate brand awareness. It also means additional budget is required to alter logos, change the app, and change any associated marketing material.

  1. Start measuring your success immediately.

Statistics and measurable data are essential for understanding how your app is being used by its audience. When you track user activity, you might learn that certain pages or functions are extremely popular while others are completely unpopular. You can make updates and changes to your app based on this information. Additionally, interpreting download trends might help you to better market your app in the future.

You might like to set up feedback forms within the app to get some comments from genuine users. Again, this will help you understand what is and isn’t registering well with consumers. You can adjust and adapt your app accordingly to ensure it is meeting consumer demand.

The best app development companies in Sydney won’t just help you to design and build a great app, but they will continue to work with you after the app has been published. Great digital marketing companies can track the success of your app and suggest where changes could be made based on audience behaviour and associated data.

  1. Consider making the app free.

In the app development industry, there is much debate surrounding whether apps should be free or downloadable at a cost. In our opinion, paid apps are a turn-off for consumers. Especially when you don’t have an established brand name and brand exposure, consumers will be highly unlikely to pay for an app when they are uncertain of its quality and functionality.

If you are trying to make money from your mobile app, in-app purchases are a far more successful way to attain revenue. This is because the consumer has already taken the step of downloading the app, so they have already expressed interest in the app.

Obviously, every app/business model is different, so talking to an experienced Sydney app development company and getting tailored advice will help you make an informed decision about this.

  1. Use colour, and use it well.

Choosing colour schemes is a fundamental, tricky, and finnicky part of developing an app. Although it is a good idea to select colours that blend well together and supplement one another for an attractive aesthetic, contrasting and conflicting colours can help engage users and assist them in navigating through the app.

As an example of the importance of colour, consider how shades of dark/light give purpose and meaning. A brighter/deeper shade is likely to draw more attention than a lighter/softer shade. If you want your consumers to select a particular button over another (such as “buy” instead of “cancel”), you should highlight the button with a rich colour.

Our hot tip is to not be afraid of using colours that are different from your brand’s standard colour wheel. A contrasting colour (different to your typical brand colours) can draw attention quickly and effectively. Speak to a Sydney web designer or trusted graphic designer if you need a second perspective.

  1. Make your app accessible to everyone.

When developing an app for the first time, many people forget to create different versions for different types of users. One of the most forgotten features is having an Android-friendly version!

Ways that you can ensure your app is accessible for everyone include: making an iOS and Android version; ensuring the app can be used on tablet, desktop and mobile; making at least some aspects of the app free to use; having language options, so it can be used across every country; having a ‘kid’ option for users under 18 years of age.

  1. Testing is more than a 10-minute job.

You may already know that app production takes places over four different stages: designing, developing, testing and publishing. Every stage is important, but many people underestimate the value in testing. Comprehensive testing ensures that you notice and fix any issues with the app, and it also allows you to gain crucial feedback on how to make the app better for users.

There needs to be more than one person testing your new app. In fact, you should have a sample size of hundreds. Digital marketing agencies and app development companies should be able to help you in gathering a group of testers that can weed out any existing issues with the app.

Testing is a long and demanding process, but it will ensure your app is truly ready to be shown to the public. If you fail to conduct thorough testing, you may end up with unhappy users and a damaged opinion about your brand. This is difficult, if not impossible, to recover from.

  1. Never give up.

App development isn’t easy. Creating an app that is fully functional and popular is an enormous challenge to embark on. Depending on the size and complexities of your app, you can expect the entire Sydney app development process to take anywhere between six and twenty-four months. It’s essential that you don’t rush this process – even if you have certain deadlines and timeframes that you want to meet, you should never skip over critical steps in the app development procedure.

Seek inspiration and advice from Sydney app development companies and experts. When you work with our best app development team, we will keep you motivated throughout the project and ensure you are up to date with progress as it happens.

Remember that your hard work is going towards something great! If you truly put in the effort and implement sound advice from Sydney app development experts, your reward at the end of the project will be a high-performing, outstanding app that meets customer demands and places your brand at the forefront of people’s minds.

Contact Generate Your Audience for more information on our popular app development services in Sydney today.

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