Social Media Marketing: Paid Vs Organic


Most businesses are aware that social media is one of the greatest tools available for promoting and accelerating their brand. It’s easy to use, provides great engagement opportunities with your target audience, and almost everyone across the entire world is online which means your brand has the potential to reach hundreds to thousands of people!

The best part about social media marketing? Sharing content can be free! Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat all allow people to access the platforms for free. If you’re a new business or have a small marketing budget, setting up social media pages and posting content can be done without spending a dime. Most brands will kick off with social media marketing because of its affordability, then once they’ve gained some traction, they will commence other forms of marketing and advertising.

So, what’s the benefit of paid promotion?

Just because it’s free to use, it doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from spending a little cash in the social media sphere. Paid advertising (as opposed to organic) can help you reach greater audiences, get more engagement on your posts, increase your followers and have a more significant impact.

It can take some time to set up your adverts properly, and there is some red tape on certain social media platforms; however, it’s worth going the extra mile to beat algorithms and allow your content to be seen.

A digital marketing agency, like Generate Your Audience, can help you get set up and establish a campaign that suits your brand’s needs. They can even help you to write and produce engaging content that excites and entices your customers.

Strategic social media marketing

One of our biggest tips is to avoid spending money on social media advertising without properly considering your goal and how you want to achieve that. Your paid advertising campaigns won’t have any success if you don’t have a strong plan for who your target audience is and what types of content will best attain your purpose.

Social media marketing should also be conducted in conjunction with other types of marketing activity, such as web development. By combining a range of public relations and digital marketing activities, you can ensure your business has every chance to enter into the public eye.

Boosting your social presence

To have an initial discussion about social media marketing, contact the Generate Your Audience team. In addition to social media advertising, our digital marketing agency can provide app development, content marketing, email marketing, search engine optimisation, web development, SEO and digital marketing services.

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