Should I Invest in Search Engine Optimisation for My Business?


Businesses often ask themselves this question during a quiet period, as they launch a new business, or when they’re planning to expand an existing one. Here are three major reasons to enlist the support of a Sydney digital marketing agency to improve your search engine performance.

1. Because SEO is complex

Some businesses may have the confidence to handle aspects of their marketing themselves. However, when it comes to SEO, the stakes are high, and the path to strong search engine rankings isn’t always easy or clear.

Having your business perform well in search engines like Google requires familiarity with the search engine’s algorithms (which are continuously evolving), the behaviours of your customers, and a firm grasp of technical aspects of website management.

You wouldn’t build a bridge without an engineering degree, so why attempt SEO when you don’t have the experience?

2. Because consumers are more likely to find you if your site is optimised

At present, how do new customers find out about your business? Is it mostly by word of mouth? Word of mouth is an effective way of spreading awareness of your business, but it will always be limited, and limit awareness to a group of people who know each other. When they have all used your service, what next?

Search engine optimisation of your website allows new consumers to find out about your business. Businesses operate in a highly competitive space, and without search engine optimisation, you may find that your page ranks very poorly in search engines – perhaps even as far behind as the fourth or fifth page. Try a search term that someone who doesn’t know your business name might use. How did your website rank? Can you find it?

Consumers aren’t likely to enter the second or third page of a search engine when looking for a business to use; but a long-term SEO strategy can put you near the top.

3. Because consumers will perceive you as an authority if you rank well

If you appear near the top of the search rankings, consumers are more likely to see you as an authority and as a trusted business within your industry. Consumers are now using your search engine ranking as an indicator of whether you are a major player or a small business that isn’t very established.

Consumers are generally risk averse and are inclined to trust in the businesses that they perceive as popular. As you know, it’s possible to have a popular business that doesn’t appear at the top of search engines – but try explaining that. After all, what would an unpopular business say? To show yourself as a popular, trusted business, you need to invest in SEO as well.

Taking the next steps

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