Why Your Business Needs Great Social Media Pages


Social media enables you to raise awareness among a different audience

Not all of your customers find out about you in the same way. Some customers browse online to find businesses (which is one reason why you need digital marketing specialists to assist with website SEO and content marketing). Some old-fashioned customers may even find you through phone directories. Yet another contingent of customers will find you through your social media pages.

There isn’t necessarily a lot of overlap between these audiences, so it is important to ensure you are showcasing your business in every possible context – including social media.

Social media helps to build your authority as a brand

A non-existent social media page can stick out like a sore thumb, as can a page that has no social media posts recently. Sceptical consumers who like to do their research first will often search for your company on social media. If they find an empty page, they may fear you have gone out of business, or that there simply isn’t enough information to make decisions about your business.

More importantly, by not posting – and posting well – you miss an opportunity to showcase what work you are doing currently and any eye-catching specials or engagement opportunities. In every post, you should strive to communicate what you stand for.

Because low-quality social media posts won’t cut it

There’s a world of difference between a good and a bad social media post. Many business owners who don’t have a background in social media marketing may struggle to tell what constitutes a good post. They may also lack the time to manage their social media pages, which can either result in empty social media pages or off-brand social media posts that could actually damage your brand.

A post has to reflect your brand, and it also has to be interesting. By crafting engaging social media posts with a visual image attached to them and appropriate hashtags, a business can maximise the interest it is generating among new and existing customers.

Writing social media posts is a specialised skill that requires an awareness of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram standards, a strong writing ability, and skills in social media marketing. For this reason, many businesses entrust their social media content to a digital marketing agency such as Generate Your Audience (GYA).

To promote your services

Like any form of marketing, the goal of quality social media posts is ultimately to promote your products and services. By showcasing what you offer, you can make people aware of the positive impact you could make in their lives. This can pave the way for conversion, either in the short term or the long term.

Quality social media marketing is a great first step, but it needs to be paired with other aspects of marketing in a holistic marketing strategy. This may include app development, content marketing, email marketing, search engine optimisation, and web development.

For the best results, partner with digital marketing consultant Generate Your Audience. Browse our website or contact our team for more information.

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