Why Is Your Marketing Not Working?


When you don’t see any return in your marketing efforts, it’s easy to feel deflated and frustrated. If no new customers have come along thanks to your marketing, and there has been no increase in revenue, you must be left wondering where it all went wrong.

As a digital marketing Sydney agency, we often hear our clients say that they turned to us because they had given up on knowing the best ways to use their marketing energy and budget. Being a trusted digital marketing agency in Sydney, one of our aims is to help the community and support small businesses on a greater scale. To understand how your marketing can be improved, you need to analyse your existing strategy and identify what is showing good results and what is not delivering the outcomes you originally wanted. Let’s start by asking some key questions in relation to your current marketing plan.

  • Do you have a detailed and well-researched marketing plan?

If you don’t know what you’re trying to achieve, then how will you know when you’ve achieved it? Even though it might sound like a lot of time and effort is needed to create a formal marketing strategy, it is fundamental for success. Your marketing plan needs to outline all the details of your efforts, including: what your budget is, what you will be doing, who will be doing what, what the expected outcome is, what the specific and overall goals are, the timeframes for projects to be completed, etc. Does your plan include modern concepts like mobile app development or Sydney app development?

The more detailed your marketing plan is, the more accountable you will be for achieving the goals within it. Successful marketing is not something than can be done on a whim – it is something that requires diligent strategizing, foresight and planning.

Our top piece of advice for businesses attempting to do their own marketing is: do not skimp on your marketing plan.

  • What type of marketing have you been attempting – traditional or digital?

For some time now, businesses have debated the return of traditional and digital marketing methods. Traditional refers to non-online activities, like billboard advertising, whereas digital refers to any online activities, like social media advertising. Without wanting to demean all the hard work of businesses using traditional advertising techniques, the evidence is clear: digital marketing is quicker, better, cheaper, easier, and more sustainable.

While it’s important to sustain a balance between traditional and digital methods, it’s vital that you allocate the majority of your marketing money and time to the online world. Digital is the way of the future, so if you want your success to carry on through the years, you need to establish your online presence and capture your digital market now before it’s too late.

The possibilities and reach with digital marketing are limitless. Just some digital marketing techniques and tools you may like to incorporate into your marketing strategy are: social media advertising, app development Sydney, email marketing, content marketing, SEO, Google advertising, and website optimisation.

  • Who is responsible for your marketing?

All businesses in Australia are faced with a marketing dilemma: whether to have an in-house marketing team employed by the business, or whether to have an external marketing agency contracted by the business. The choice you make will depend on your specific budget and what you intend to achieve from the marketing.

An in-house marketing team can be beneficial because it allows the team to focus full-time efforts into marketing the brand and engaging with the business activity. It also adds an additional employee to the business, so they can support other aspects of the company if help is ever needed in other departments. Some business owners believe that an in-house marketing team ensures more control and direction in the marketing strategy.

An external marketing agency is often a favoured option by businesses because it is usually more cost-effective and ensures specialists are working on the job at hand. SEO Sydney, like Generate Your Audience, are comprised of experienced and highly knowledgeable professionals from all field within marketing, so they have an unparalleled combination of skills. When you choose to work with a digital marketing agency, you aren’t just getting one person working on your side, you’re getting an entire team of skilled specialists that commit their entire careers towards understand their niche fields. Contracted Sydney marketing agencies are more accountable and more likely to deliver results than in-house marketing employees.

No matter who is responsible for your marketing, make sure they have set goals and aims which they can be held accountable for achieving. As we mentioned earlier in this blog article, how can you succeed if you have no goals to succeed at?

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