How Can You Get an App Developed in Sydney?


Apps are immensely popular. That’s a fact. Currently, it is estimated that over 400 million apps are being downloaded across the globe every day. That means thousands of apps are being installed onto devices every single minute. Yes, really – thousands!

If you are a smartphone user, we’re certain that you already have plenty of useful apps downloaded onto your device. The simplicity, accessibility and convenience of apps means they are much loved by all people in society.

It’s no surprise that you are considering developing an app for your business in Sydney. Hundreds of other businesses are doing exactly the same thing to maximise their status and awareness in the community. As popular app developers in Australia, we have already helped several companies produce practical and functional apps to support their business operations. We have seen the fantastic positive impact that app development services can have for businesses, and we’re excited to continue helping other local entities maximise their company with a mobile application.

Before we get started on anything else, there are a few things that we want to make clear for people who are seeking app development services in Sydney. Creating an app that adds genuine value to your business isn’t as easy as paying some money and away you go. There are some important points that you need to acknowledge before getting your app underway.

Key things to remember when developing an app for your business:

  • Don’t make your business ‘app exclusive’. There are bound to be some customers (including some elderly folk) who will simply refuse to use an app. To ensure you don’t lose these customers, you need to make certain that they can still access your services or products by other means.
  • There’s no point having an app if it doesn’t function well. There is nothing more annoying than trying to use an app that barely works. If you have an app that is clunky and dysfunctional, this may reflect poorly on your business. You don’t want customers to get the wrong idea about your brand, so it’s important that you work with a trustworthy app development company in Sydney that can create a truly practical app.
  • It needs to be appropriate for all styles of devices. Your customers will be trying to access the app on a range of different devices, including iPhone, iPad and Android, so you need to ensure the application is compatible for all devices and not just exclusive to one.
  • You will need to promote the launch. Apps don’t just naturally succeed without effort. To get people downloading your app, you will need to have a marketing launch plan. This may involve social media advertising, organic online promotion, physical flyers in your stores, and encouraging your own networks to try it out.

Don’t be disheartened. Putting the time, thought and effort into quality app development is worth it. Just think about all the hugely successful apps that already exist online. Plus, the sooner you start making an app, the sooner you can get ahead of your competitors. If you wait around for too long, they might steal your bright ideas!

Why should you consider getting an app for your business?

Apps can be used for a range of purposes: to entertain, to sell, to provide information, to gain data, and more. If you are an existing business that is considering getting an app, you need to consider what the purpose of the app will be and how it will be beneficial for your brand. When you are thinking of ideas for the app, think of concepts that will be timeless – if you are investing in the creation of an app in Sydney, you want it to provide long-lasting benefits for your business. Below are just a few reasons that an app could be supportive of the ongoing success of your business.

  1. It can improve the customer experience.

Apps are hugely beneficial in enhancing your customers’ experience with your business. If you are a service-based business, you might consider having an easy booking system app that allows clients to make an appointment easily and quickly on their phone. Alternatively, you might have an app to help your clients access and sign documents. Product-based businesses might have an app that can act as their digital store. It will need to be complete with all online store functionalities, including a shopping cart and payment portal.

When you make a purchasing experience easier or faster for your clients and customers, they are far more likely to continue using your services in the future. If your business is difficult to interact with and purchase from, you will inevitably lose customers at a rapid rate.

  1. It can be an added ‘bonus’ for your customers.

Having an app adds great value to your service proposition. Just by having an app ready for download, you are already providing one extra thing that your competitors aren’t. Even if your app is very simplistic in nature and only provides a few features to your customers, this is still better than having no app at all.

  1. It can enhance your professional and modern aesthetic.

Because they are a digital innovation, apps are often seen as professional and progressive. Most customers will be impressed by the fact your business has an app. If they can download it and see that it is fully functional and useful, they will be even more satisfied with your business than they were before.

  1. It can attract a young and enthusiastic audience.

Elderly generations are less likely to be impressed and enthused by an app, whereas younger people will immediately be attracted to it. If you want to seek a progressive and youthful audience for your services and products, an app will certainly entice them. Even if your target range of customers is a slightly older group, local app development isn’t something you should steer away from. If you are willing to assist your elderly customers in downloading and using the app, then they will still be able to make great use of it.

  1. Some apps can be used to improve internal operations.

If you can’t think of a way that an app could be useful for your clients and customers, then you might be able to develop an app can assist your staff as they conduct internal operations. If you run a factory or office, an app can be a great way to increase and simplify communications between teams.

Why should you consider getting an app for your start-up?

In the past, entrepreneurs have taken to web-based solutions for their start-ups. However, many entrepreneurs are now creating their start-ups purely through apps. Smart business owners have recognised that because apps are so popular in the community, they have a great chance of becoming profitable. In-app purchasing and upgrading is very quick and easy, which means the entrepreneur has a greater chance of enticing their audience to buy.

An app can easily form the basis of a start-up. Almost everything that can be done through a website can also be completed through an app, including e-commerce stores. It is also easy to advertise an app through popular social media channels, as Facebook and Instagram now allow you to conduct paid promotional campaigns specifically for apps.

As many people are beginning to realise, apps are the way of the future. As an entrepreneur, it is beneficial to start building a long-lasting relationship with an expert app development company sooner rather than later.

The process for having an app developed in Sydney

Once you’re convinced that you have the time, budget and interest in creating an app, there is a process you will need to follow to get the ball rolling. Unless you are an IT professional or have great experience in digital software development, we don’t recommend that you undertake the process alone. As we mentioned earlier, there is no point having an app unless it looks top-notch and has excellent functionality. Instead of wasting your time, you are better off contacting a professional app development team or digital marketing agency to assist you on your endeavour. The best digital marketing firms in Sydney will be able to guide you through the process and ensure that an excellent product is being produced for you.

Most app developers will follow a stage-by-stage process for projects, including an ideas phase, design phase, development phase, testing phase, and publishing phase.

The first stage of developing your app will be brainstorming. Creative brainstorming is critical for covering all bases and developing an app that is unique, likeable and innovative. The best way to brainstorm is with an experienced Sydney marketing team. By thinking collaboratively, you will open yourself up to world of opportunity. Always remember that no idea is stupid or invaluable – your thoughts could trigger something brilliant from your team members around you.

Through the process of brainstorming, you should come up with several ideas that can then be assessed for practicality and realism. Remember that apps are updatable, so if any ideas aren’t appropriate for the first launch, they may still be useful down the track when you update the software. Your digital marketing agency will help you to narrow down your ideas and develop a strong plan for the purpose of your app.

At this point, you will need to hand the reins over. Your dedicated app developers are the ones who need to do the hard yards in actually creating the app from scratch. The best app developers in Sydney will regularly communicate with you to update you on the progress being made. They will also be in touch to check that you are satisfied with the words completed thus far. It’s important that you spend a good amount of time reviewing their work – you don’t want to be unhappy with the job, so be open and transparent if you have concerns or dislikes.

Once they have completed a first draft of the app, testing will begin. The more people you can get to test your app, the better. Testers should be able to download the app and have full access to its functions, just like your customers will in the future. By spending some time with the app, they will be able to identify any problems or comment on any features they didn’t like.

After the testing stage is complete, your Australian app developers will spend some time troubleshooting and fixing before it is finally ready to publish to the public!

The length of time needed to create an app will depend on the app development company you choose to work with. If a company says they can develop an app quicker than anyone else, don’t be fooled. If they aren’t taking a fair and decent amount of time to develop the application, it probably isn’t going to be a quality tool for your business. In this case, quality is far more important than speed.

How can Generate Your Audience assist with app development?

As an applauded digital marketing firm in Sydney, we have our own specialised digital development team that can create dynamic software solutions in the form of mobile, web and desktop apps. We offer an end-to-end, comprehensive app development service for Australian businesses. With our skill, knowledge, and passion, you can be sure that we will drive success for your brand. We consider ourselves to be leaders in the app development space, and we are eager to work with progressive companies that want to grow and excel.

Notably, we take great pride in the work we produce for our clients. Our work is entirely transparent, so you can engage with the progress of work as you desire. We will do everything in our capability to ensure you have a long-lasting, effective app that enhances your businesses offering to clients.

If you want more information about our app development services, or you want to get started on the creation of an app, we encourage you to get in touch with our digital marketing team today.

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