Social Media Management

Upon reviewing the previous 2 months. GYA will provide a detailed listing of a social media content strategy that will incorporate what posts will generate the most engagement and traction. The strategy will be based on Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

Hootsuit will be set up to automate posts a week in advance for Instagram and Twitter, therefore removing the hassle of constant daily updates.

On Going as a part of the GYA consulting agreement, we will upload basic content to your existing website in order to stay relevant in the marketplace.
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Google Ad Words

GYA will formulate an add on Google AdWords and target search phrases that are relevant to your business. Ad is designed to drive traffic to the website where a call to action is presented.

GYA will monitor Click through rates and Direct call rates from google AdWords to determine customer behaviour.

Google Ad will be capped at a cost per month and will be re defined on a monthly basis in order to get the best traction.
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Instagram Growth

In association an artificial intelligence program, GYA will target 25 hashtags and 15 usernames that have a similar audience and relevance to your business.

The program will run in the background of your Instagram profile. It is an automation program that will like and comment on posts and users.

This level of engagement with the users will ensure your Instagram account will grow 50 - 100 followers a week.
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Facebook Growth

GYA will commence a Facebook growth campaign in order to increase the page likes. This will target countries and regions that have a low cost per click/like in order to build credibility to your Facebook page.

The campaign will also run simultaneously around a 50k radius of your business in order to engage your immediate audience.

This campaign will run for 2 to 3 months with a monthly cost defined by your marketing budget. The campaign will generate over 10 thousand page likes. Once we create credibility for your brand, customers will see your business as a reputable company therefore impacting the perception.
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Generate a monthly blog in conjunction with your business objectives.

Develop a video blog for a viral campaign every 3 months.

Why Blog?
Stronger consumer attention
Improved SEO
Higher Engagement
Higher retention rates
Increased customer
Better email click through
Stronger emotional connection

Blogs provide another source to deepen the connection with your customer. By connecting directly on your website, your clients are able to get to know your business or products from the comfort of your online home base
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Grow your list and communicate directly with your customers, with world class deliverability and tracking software. GYA will commence a monthly newsletter for your existing database.

This will be structured in a story format in order to educate and reengage your audience. Generate a loyalty email to provide benefits for returning.

Email will have a call to actions that will be tracked to determine customer behaviours. Observations and analytics to determine what approach works and why.
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